Inhouse Registration

Inhouse Competitions
Registration closes 30th September 2022

The event for WeDo/Spike Essential for 2022 will be held inhouse from the 24th-30th of October 2022 we have also included an inhouse Explorer Lite and Prime option. Schools/Clubs/Coaches will hold their own inhouse competition following the rules published by the WRO SA Organizer.

One week before the competition a special rules set will be released for coaches and teams.

From the 24th-30th of October coaches will submit their team results to the WRO SA website and teams will receive a banded certificate based on the score achieved.

The cost of registration into this unique inhouse competition is R250 per School/Club with unlimited team score submissions from the 24th-30th of October 2022.

For example a school with 5 Explorer Lite and 12 Explorer Prime teams will pay R250 and be able to enter all teams into the inhouse competition under their school name.

There is no National and International event for this competition.

Registration R250 per school

No registration fee