WRO SA Discord Channel

WRO SA now has a Discord Channel! Keep in touch with National and Provincial organisers, get answers to your WRO SA questions and join in the live meetings. 

Things to know about Discord:

1. Discord is a free messaging app designed with Gamers in mind.

2. You must create a user profile in order to use discord, from your profile you can manage your security and privacy settings.

3. The WRO SA Discord content is restricted, users will be assigned roles once connected.

Discord Roles and Permissions:

Participants: This role is for any WRO Participants. Participants will not be able to type in any chats, or communicate over voice chat and has limited access to channel content.

Coaches: This role is for Coaches of WRO Teams, you will be able to type messages in text servers as well as join and speak in voice channels.

Judges: Judges will have access to special channels exclusively for judging in the WRO SA competitions. 

Click here to access the WRO SA Discord Channel