Elementary Surprise Rule

The surprise rule must be on the table during the run, teams that submit a video without the surprise rule on the table will receive 0 (zero) as a score. This does not mean teams must attempt the surprise rule they can choose to ignore it but the elements must be on the table in their starting positions. The surprise rule elements are allowed to be moved and no points will be lost for moving them.

A dead wireless device (blue element) has been placed in the top left corner (closest to the recycling area) of the house.

For 30 Bonus Points, teams must collect this device and return it to the start/finish area. The device must be completely inside of the start finish area touching the game mat at the end of the run if these bonus points are to be scored. The device can be in any orientation as long as a part of it is touching the game mat and is completely inside of the start/finish area.

Teams must have scored positive points elsewhere on the mat before the surprise rules bonus points can be added.