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Robo Mission Western Cape

Welcome to the Online Competition. Only teams that were previously registered will be allowed to compete in this competition.

By submitting the required video of your teams robot attempt, your team may qualify to compete in the National Final.

Rules for the Online Competition:

1. All work must be done by the team members.

2. Teams must display the official WRO timer in their video at all times.

3. When videoing your teams, the team members must appear on camera holding an A4 piece of paper with their team name and school/club written on it.

4. Teams must attempt and video 2 (two) of the three official randomisation options one run after the other in the same video.

5. Teams must show a close up of the table elements final positions after each scoring run.

6. Teams should video their robot run so as the whole table can be seen in the video.

Standard Robo Mission Rules apply. Any breach of these rules may result in teams runs not being accepted or National Final entry being denied.

For questions about this competition please email

Alternatively call 011 462 2581 and ask to speak with Duncan


Competition Age Group

8-12 years

11-15 years

14-19 years

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