Competition Dates

All WRO 2021 events were held online!


WeDo and Explorer competitions to be held internally by participants from the 25th - 31st of October 2021.

Teams participating in the WeDo and Explorer Categories will be able to submit their results online via a google form link to go live on the 25th and will be open until the 3rd of November.

All WRO SA events have now been concluded except for the Explorer and WeDo challenge to be held in October.

Congratulations to all the South African Teams that took part in the first ever WRO Online event!

To see the rankings please click on the link below. The teams that are eligible to represent South Africa at the WRO International Online Final will be contacted by the WRO Organizing Committee.

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For information about the WRO International Final please click on the link below. The link will change on the 15th of October as the official 2021 international site goes live.

WRO International Website

Past Results

Click below to view the final 2019 National Rankings: