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The 2024 WRO season is underway!

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What is WRO?

World Robot Olympiad™ (WRO) is an event incorporating science, technology,  education and robotics which brings together young people from all over the world to develop their creativity and problem-solving skills through challenging and educational robotics competitions. Teams can compete in any provincial competition to be eligable for the National Final. All competing teams are ranked nationally, and from this ranking list, the top 10 to 15 teams are invited to attend and compete in the National event in Gauteng. Teams winning their category stand a chance to be invited to represent South Africa at the WRO international event.

How it works

How it Works


In the World Robot Olympiad there are 4 Challenge types to choose from and a further 3 South African Created Challenges!

Each with their own age groups, rules and requirements:

International Challenges

By competing in these challenges teams are eligible for entry into the International WRO Final if they have qualified at the official WRO SA National Event.


Robo Mission

Teams must assemble robots that can solve a specific problem. The fastest robot around the course that completes all the tasks successfully will be the winner.


Future Innovators

Teams must present designs for robots, based on a theme. There will be four judging categories and the team with the most points will be the winner.


Robo Sports

Teams design robots that compete against another team. The robots are coded to play the game autonomously. The sport that is played by the robots changes every 2-3 years.


Future Engineers

An engineering challenge for college and university students to build self-driving vehicles.

This challenge requires teams to build, document and present solutions.

South Africa Only Challenges

These challenges have no International component and may be run as an in-house challenge, provincial challenge or national challenge depending on the decision by the WRO SA National Organizer.

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Explorer Challenge

Teams arrive with a pre-built robot chassis.

Must program the robot on the day of competition. Teams can log a maximum of 4 scores and are awarded certificates based on their highest score.

This competition has a National Final.

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Rover In-House

Created for LEGO WeDo and LEGO Spike Essential robots but open to any robotics hardware. Coaches host their own Rover competition following the Rover rules and submit their teams best score to the WRO SA website.

Once off payment for unlimited Rover In-House team entries.

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In-House Challenge

Coaches run their own In-House Challenge Event. Following the In-House General Rules and submit their teams best score to the WRO SA website to receive a certificate of accomplishment.

3 different challenges, 3 different difficulties.

Once off payment for unlimited In-House Challenge team entries.



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This years WRO International Final is being hosted in İZMIR, TÜRKIYE !

The WRO® theme for 2024 is Earth Allies.

In 2024 teams will learn more about how we humans affect nature and how nature and natural events can affect us. They will investigate how robots can help us live in harmony with nature. Can robots help us live in places where nature is dangerous or harsh, and can they assist us in living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle?


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