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WRO SA - Provincial

Team Registration
Opened 1st March 2024 -  Closes 1st June 2024
No entries will be accepted after the closing date.

Watch this helpful video on how to use the WRO SA team registration system.
Scroll down to register your teams.

The registration fee is R300 per team member for all categories.
This means if you have a team of two you will be charged R600 a team of three R900.
Need a quote to see the possible costs?
Click Here

Ready to register your team? Do you have all of the information required? Click Here to download the registration checklist.

Anyone over the age of 19 may register to judge in a WRO SA event. Judges receive training from WRO SA and will be contacted if their judging registration is successful.

WRO SA highly recommends that new coaches register to judge in a Provincial event to learn more about the WRO SA competition.

WRO SA Event registration is only open to WRO Teams based in South Africa.
For information on events in your country please contact your countries WRO National Organiser.

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