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WRO Resources

Here you will find useful resources to assist you with your WRO experience.

WRO SA Beginners Guide

WRO SA has created a beginners guide for teams new and old to the WRO is South Africa. The guide is designed to introduce all of the WRO categories available in South Africa in a simple way. The guide also gives information about how to register and some advice on your first time competing in a WRO SA category.



WROSA has added a useful Q&A page which should be the first stop for any of your WRO questions. 

The page is updated regularly with questions and answers from coaches and teams.

If you have a question and it is not on the page please email:


WROSA Webinars

The WROSA Organising group has started to organise useful webinars for South African coaches and teams. These webinars are designed to assist coaches with rule clarifications, competition information and useful tips for both new and old WRO participants and coaches.

You must register for these webinars to participate in them.


Seats are limited.


WRO SA Facebook Page

The WRO SA Facebook page is a very useful resource for up to date information. Apart from the website the Facebook page is our secondary communication tool. Simply like and follow the page to receive any updates with regards to the WRO SA competition.

Facebook WROSA.PNG

Hands on Technologies 

Hands on Technologies is the official LEGO Education provider for Southern Africa. Through Hands on Tech you are able to purchase all of your required LEGO Products as well as official WRO SA element boxes and official game mats.

Hands on Technologies is also the custodian of the WRO in South Africa.

Hands on Tech.png

WRO Community Group

The WRO Community Facebook Group is a very valuable resource for coaches around the world. See what other countries are doing with WRO and comment or ask questions to the global community. The WRO Association may even post on the group and respond to questions asked. A very good group to join if you are new to WRO and looking for ideas on how to get started.

WRO Community.PNG

WRO Association Website

The WRO Association website is where all rule documents, categories and latest information about the WRO International Final can be found.

The site also hosts the Q&A page, information in the Q&A overrides the information in the original rule documents. (a must visit for all coaches)

WRO Association.PNG


WRO SA has been featured in a podcast about Robotics and the WRO. This podcast is not only WRO based but speaks about many different robotics programs from around the world.

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