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WRO SA Judges Registration

All WRO Judges are volunteers and without them the competition would not take place.

To become a South African World Robot Olympiad Judge you need to register, choose your category and read the rules. Judges are then coached by WRO SA on how to judge and in some instances a short quiz is given designed to assist judges in learning the rules.

Judging is open to anybody over the age of 19 with or without knowledge of robotics or the WRO.

Judges generally work in pairs and beginner judges are often paired with those who have either National Final experience or International Final experience.

We welcome any and all applications for judges for the 2024 season!

Judges Registration

Judging at the WRO SA National Final is a very rewarding and valuable experience especially for coaches of WRO teams. All our WRO SA judges are volunteers and without them this competition would not be possible.

All WRO SA judges are trained how to judge at the WRO event and first time judges are paired with others who have either International or National judging experience.

In order to judge you must be over 19 years old and must have read and understood the rules of the WRO category you wish to judge in.

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