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WRO SA Judges Quiz

Welcome WRO SA Judge to the Judges Quiz Selection!

Thank you for volunteering your time and knowledge to judge in your chosen WRO SA event.

Without you these competitions would not be possible and hundreds of children would not be able to attend these WRO events. We really value and appreciate your time.

If you are new to judging in the WRO, WELCOME to a very elite and respected team of professionals.

We pride ourselves in South Africa on having some of the best and most in demand WRO Judges in the world.

Judges Quiz

Please choose the age group you have been selected to judge in, you will then be directed to the judges quiz. 

You may complete the quiz as many times as you like.

You are welcome to expand your knowledge and attempt other age group quizzes.

If you have any questions about the quiz please email and include the age group in the email subject line.

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