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National Final Registration

If you are viewing this page, Congratulations your team has qualified for the National Final and an opportunity to possibly qualify for the International Final in Panama this year!

Only teams that have received the official National Final Invitation may register for the National Final.

Important Notes:

Only the same team members that were originally registered with WRO SA and that competed on the day of their provincial event may be registered to compete in the National Final.

No substitutions or team changes are allowed.

Teams must have a minimum of two team members competing on the day. One team member may be allowed to compete only if the other team member is unable to attend the event due to medical reasons or exceptional circumstances. Having scheduled another event on the same day as the National Final is not an exceptional circumstance.

National competition Registration

Click below to Register your Team

All teams must have registered for the National Final no later than the 25th of August 2023.

If not registered within this time period your team will lose their position at the National Final and a runner up team will be given the opportunity to register and participate.

If your team does not want to attend and register for the National Final please click here and complete the official team withdrawal form.

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