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Explorer and In-House challenge released!

The Explorer and the In-House challenge rules have been released for the 2023 WRO season and are available on our WRO SA website.

Explorer is a South African created competition and is designed for competitors who are new to the WRO or to robotics. The competition focuses on completing simple tasks as quickly as possible, using basic movements and sensors. The competition has a unique scoring system. Competitors inform the judge at any point in the competition when they would like to have their robot scored. Each team has four (4) scoring attempts. The scoring attempts are designed to give the teams the best possible outcome. If the robot scores lower than the last scoring attempt, the judge will not record the score giving the team another opportunity to improve on their score through tweaks in their program or robot build.

Due to the success of last years In-House competition we have reintroduced the In-House platform for 2023 but have renamed the WeDo/Spike Essential competition to the Rover In-House Challenge and Explorer In-House Challenge.

The In-House Challenge is unique as coaches between the 11th and 20th of October run their own competition within their club or school and submit their teams highest scores to the WRO SA website to receive achievement certificates. The challenge is open to any robotics platform and software and is focused on inclusion and self achievement. This is the perfect solution for teams that are not able to travel to competitions or for clubs and schools wanting to start their WRO journey.

If you would like more information on these challenges simply visit our website


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