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Challenge Introduction

The theme for 2022 is My Robot My Friend.
The combination of robotics and artificial intelligence can change the world and especially the environment of humans.
The season challenges are connected to the ways that robots can help humans. How can we make robot-human interaction helpful and safe?
The international final in November this year will be hosted by the City of Dortmund, Germany.

Team Registration 2022

Teams are required to register in order to compete in any official World Robot Olympiad Events and to be eligible for the International Final in Germany this year. 
A Team consists of 2 to 3 team members and must have a coach in order to register in their age group categories. A team members age group category is determined by the age the team member will be turning in the year of competition not the current age of the team member. For example if a team member was born on the 31st of December 2023 and will be turning 13 in 2023 the year of the competition and are eligible to participate in the Junior age group.

The online In-House competition for WeDo/Spike Essential is set to run in October.
All WRO SA physical events for the 2022 season have ended.

Congratulations to all of the teams that participated in this 2022 WRO SA Season, we look forward to welcoming you back with new challenges in January 2023. 

Team Regestration

WRO Rules

Robo Mission

Future Innovators

Robo Sports


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