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Robo Mission

Teams arrive at the competition with a prebuilt robot. Teams do not need to rebuild their robot on the day of the competition.

The table wall height in South Africa is 70mm

3 Age groups

Age: Elementary: 8-12 years | Junior: 11-15 years | Senior: 14-19 years

Team size: 2-3 people guided by a coach

Hardware: LEGO® based

Software: Free choice

Maximum robot size: 25 x 25 x 25 cm

Characteristics: Build and program a robot that solves challenges on a game mat and table.

RoboMission is a challenge-based competition. Students must design, construct and program an autonomous robot that can solve specific challenges on a field. Because the field is set up randomly each round, the robot needs to be able to make its own decisions during the run.
All parts of the robot, including controller, motors and sensors must be from LEGO® (MINDSTORMS® NXT or EV3, SPIKE PRIME or Robot Inventor).


Competition Age Group Rules

8-12 years

11-15 years

14-19 years

Element Building Instructions

Hands on Tech Info

Hands on Technologies
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