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Explorer In-House

Teams arrive at the competition with a prebuilt robot and no program.

Teams must program the robot from scratch on the day of the competition.

2 Age Groups

Age: Lite 8-12 years | Prime 11-16 years
Team size: 2-3 people guided by a coach
Hardware: Free choice
Software: Free choice
Maximum robot size: 25 x 25 x 25 cm
Characteristics: Entry level challenge. Teams design a robot to complete basic challenges on the Robo Misson Elementary mat. Competition is run by the teams coach in their own robotics environment.

The Explorer Category is a South African designed challenge with no international final component. The challenge is designed for teams new to Robotics or the WRO competition. Teams build and program a robot to complete tasks on a game field. Teams arrive at the competition with a prebuilt LEGO robot and need to reprogram their robot on the day of the competition.

Rules for the Explorer Competition:

Explorer In-House.png

Must Read

8-12 years

11-16 years

Hands on Tech Info

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